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    I love my treo 300...but when i bought it(and i paid full price) I was faced with the frustration, as others were, of not beng able to use my sms.

    treo central saved me and pointed me in the direction of pdaapps.
    treo300 sms i a great program, but i was alittle dismayed(and poor) that i had to spend MORE money for a feature that Handspring and Sprint overlooked(and haveyet addressed)

    I know this is whining, but has anything been mentioned about SMS? Mabye I missed it.
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    You can't really blame Handspring for this. It is a "feature" of the Sprint network as far as I know. This is proven in the fact that the earlier released Treo 180 has mobile originated SMS, a feature of GSM networks.
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    Real SMS is a feature of the GSM standard. Sprint mimics SMS on their network, but it is a non-standard implementation and is incompatible with the world-wide standard SMS available on GSM networks.

    When handspring released the Treo 180 and 270, they included an SMS client (as would exist on any GSM phone). When the Treo 300 was released, Sprint never worked with Handspring to solve the fact that Sprint's network wasn't compatible.

    As far as the Treo 600 is concerned, it's my understanding from the information that has been released thus far, that the GSM SMS client has been upgraded to appear similar to instant messaging (IM) clients, but it is still a GSM SMS client.

    No one has mentioned what solution, if any, is provided for CDMA networks (such as Sprint's). After all, CDMA networks don't really use SMS (only a carrier-specific implementation that depends on the carrier to provide specifications and/or a client). Does a Sprint SMS client exist on the Treo 600? I don't know. I assume that the old client on the T-300 would work, but again I don't know.
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    I guess it doesnt matter. pdaapps will probably pick up the ball if sprint wont, and we'll shell out the cash.

    I don't blame Handspring. It's not their fault sprint has a bassackwards system. But still, with the treo 600 coming out and probably the samsung I500 too, you would think somebody at sprint would get the clue and start outfitting their most expensive phones with the appropriate software.

    Im done *****in.

    See ya at the sprint store in october.
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    sorry for cursin'

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