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    Are there any sync packages that are extremely good and reliable at syncing the Outlook calendar with a Palm OS PDA? I use a Clie T615C (palm version 4) if that matters. I'd heard complaints about most sync packages a couple of years ago, wondering if they've come along at all.

    Also, I'm currently running on the Palm desktop calendar. Any way for me to export my Palm desktop calendar into Outlook calendar? Does that happen automatically the first time I replace the Palm calendar conduit with the Outlook sync conduit?

    If I can get this to work, I'll try moving to Outlook contacts as well.

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    Check out PocketMirror from Chapura.
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    Thanks. I found that and one or two others (I think IntelliSync was one) on palmgear. All of them had very mixed reviews ... some people had great luck, others had no luck. I'll probably just take the plunge with one or the other and go from there.


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