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    I saw a few posts recently where folks were concerned that the new Treo does not have IR. I would say this picture says otherwise:

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    I had no doubt that an IR port was on there somewhere. Not including one would be really stupid because just about every Palm application out there allows IR beaming of some kind.

    I'm also quite sure that in the videos and articles that we've seen so far, if it was missing, that fact would have been blasted all over the place.
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    Man!! The antenna nub looks ridiculously huge in that picture.
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    Man!! The antenna nub looks ridiculously huge in that picture.
    i hope that is the cdma version.

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    Anyone know if the range is better on the 600? I want to use it as my tv remote but its got to haave a longer range than the 300...
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    Thanks for posting the pic exciter - yippee!

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