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    Hoy hoy,

    Yanno what would be really great... if I could sync my Treo 300 to my Mac using Vision. When I'm at school and I need to update the student government calendar, I would be able to sync the changes from my palm to my mac. My mac would then take the data and put it in iCal, and then iCal would automatically publish the files to the web... without me ever having to be in front of my home computer!!!

    I've seen past posts of it being possible to do a tcp/ip sync with the PC, but the instructions do not pertain to the mac hotsync software.

    Does anyone have any creative ideas to make a mac tcp/ip sync work?

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    The problem is with the Mac version of Palm Desktop (no support) seems as though the Palm boys aren't smart enough to figure it out, or they just don't care. I too think this would be a great feature and would use it. Our only hope will be a third party developer, or just buy a really LONG cable!

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