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    On there is a fascinating article about the Treo600.

    The following quote is from Greg Shirai, director of handheld products at Handspring, "the company could eventually come out with an entire family of models based on the Treo 600, for instance, low-end models with fewer features or higher-end versions with improved multimedia capabilities."

    Read the article here:

    My guess for whatever it is worth is that HS will come out with a higher-end version of the 600 that has 320x320 and bluetooth. In an interview on the Charlie Rose show about 9 months ago, Michael Ovitz was talking about how he saw a Handspring Treo that was playing downloaded movies. This may be it.

    What do you think?
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    Your link is messed up. Try this:
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    Good catch! Thanks for the link.
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    I wonder how long it will take them to get a whole diversified 600-based product line out on the market. Well I probably won't wait for the multi-media dream Treo. I'll get the initial one as soon as possible and upgrade to a fancier one later, IF there indeed is one. I'm just glad there MAY be a fancier one later. I was reading a Brighthand article about rumored updates to the Tungstens and kind of envying the specs a little.

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