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    I also upgraded, i know my PRL Rev was 10019 before the upgrade, now it's 10018 after the upgrade ( goto phone menu-options-phone info.)

    I Did the following and now i'm back to what it should be 10019, and you still keep the New Updater privilage, if we can really call it that, time will tell.

    So far it's working Great, Blazer internet seems alot faster.

    You can have this PRL Rev(preferred roaming list) reset again to 10019 by calling sprint and mentioning it to them by resetting your PRL to the new 10019, TELL them your signal is WEAK, you might get someone that doesn't know what your talking about, so ask for someone else in tech that knows what your talking about or call back a few times to get someone different, insist that you want it done, i had no problem with them doing it except, the person thought the 10018 was the newest until they double checked, the 10019 is the newest. ( sprint tech direct 1-877-228-2257)

    I believe this has something to do with allowing your phone to access new cell towers in your area. they will tell you to push *2 after you call them just listen while sprint upgrades it by itself.

    i think most of you guy's that are having the problems are in the tower signal fringe area's, thus causing turbo battery drain, if you know what i'm talking about.

    Most of you guy's were most definitely 10019 before the upgrade, and then the upgrade set you back to 10018.

    P.S. , if you don't have good signal strength to begin with in your area, doing this probally couldn't hurt and could make it alot better, or who knows maybe worse but i doubt it, especially if it allows new towers for you, and maybe say good bye to battery drain.
    More on this at this other thread.

    Take care.
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