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    "Today" all in one schedule display program does not appear to work after running the Treo Updater. A"fatal error" alert occurs each time the program is started. I deleted this program and the problem went away.

    Has anyone found other programs that do not work after the Updater is run?
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    Today works for me. I had it installed during the upgrade and it reinstalled toward the end. I've had it pop up a couple time today without an issue.

    The only program I would think wouldn't work is JackFlash. I had that installed but before the upgrade I uninstalled it. I believe the ROM image would have changed and that will mess up jackflash. (I would think) I haven't reinstalled it since.
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    I've had no problems with my Treo. Tell me when it''s safe to update my firmware. I don't want to lose all my programs.
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    Don't know if this is related, but I am having problems with these two applications after upgrading. Any ideas?

    To upgrade, I backed up all databases, and did a hard reset to free up enough memory. Then created a new sync name. After upgrade I restored to the original sync name.

    ThinkDB crashes after trying to open any database. No error message.

    Eudora crashes when trying to open any email. Te error is:

    DataMgr.c, Line:7025, DmWrite:DMWriteCheck failed while running "Eudora".

    This is quite annoying, and I am not sure if the error is due to the upgrade, or something that just happened while upgrading and restoring. With eudora, i tried removing preferences, database, and starting from scratch, and no help.

    Anybody else sees anything simular? Any advice or ideas?

    PS. one thing i have not done yet is total clean reset, to see if this cures the problem.
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    Directory Assistant crashes my treo since updating.

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