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    I've owned a few handhelds in my lifetime (Apple Newton, Compaq Aero, Sony Clie, and Treo 270) and none to this point have used SD Card memory for expansion. So today I went online looking at the price and capacities of SD Cards and I noticed that a 512MB version by Lexar just came out and talks about being 32x speed and all of this other stuff. Does anyone know if the new Treo can support a card of this capacity and if it's SD slot has any maximum speed limitations or anything like that?

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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $Treo600$ $should$ $have$ $no$ $problem$ $using$ $cards$ $of$ $this$ $capacity$. $I$ $have$ $seen$ $other$ $PalmOS$ $5$.$x$ $pda$'$s$ $using$ $large$ $SD$ $cards$ $like$ $this$ $w$/$o$ $any$ $problems$. $However$,$i$ $do$ $know$ $that$ $many$ $users$ $have$ $had$ $difficulities$ $with$ $Sandisk$ $cards$, $and$ $thus$ $I$ $would$ $avoid$ $those$ $if$ $I$ $were$ $you$. $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $about$ $the$ $32X$ $etc$, $but$ $I$ $know$ $you$ $can$ $use$ $various$ $benchmarks$ $like$ VFS Mark measure VFS performance...
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    I don't know of limitations, but I saw a Sandisk 256 MB card for $80 at a local Staples and it seems like Lexar's 512MB is going for $300+. 256 is plenty for me, and if not, I'll get a second. Granted everything may change by the time the Treo 600 comes out, it's still likely going to be a far better deal going for the 256 than paying the premium for the top of line capacity.
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    Didn't SanDisk co-invent the spec for SD? That's what it said on their boxes.
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    Yes, they did. They also invented Compact Flash.

    SanDisk is one of the big boys in the memory business. They are also working w/ Sony in coming up with a new type of memory.
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    While researching SD cards, when I was looking into the Kyocera 7135, Palm did mention on their site that to get the maximium available memory space - the card formatted must be inserted into the Palm device first. It then could be used for photos, MP3, and data on other devices. Cards that are used in a camera first, for example, formatt the card differently and you cannot use all of the available card space. This is part of the PalmOS 4.1, and may also be the case with PalmOS 5.

    Side note: I also assume that if you had a card reader you could "blank" the memory table and reformat it again via the phone.

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