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    My exchange server and PDC were hacked, so I took the opportunity to install a prerelease copy of Exchange Server 2003 on the just-released Windows 2003 Server. When accessing your mail over the web, you still get the authentication challenge, but I don't think it uses JavaScript like the old OWA (which wouldn't work with Blazer).

    On a PC, the new OWA is amazing. Preview pane, tons of buttons, very cool. In fact the interface is so cluttered you think to yourself "This will never display on my Treo". And yet It Does. It's not pretty, but it's no worse than say, Yahoo mail on Blazer. And there's no ads to scroll past before you get to the meat of the message.

    Unfortunately I'm having a few other problems. Anyone else using it please comment:

    1) Can't get mail on my Treo using Sprint Business Connection, message "can't connect to desktop". Interesting, because I can surf the BCS page and see my email. There wasn't a client upgrade, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Mail$ $is$ $getting$ $from$ $Exchange$ $to$ $my$ $desktop$ $to$ $Sprint$, $just$ $not$ $the$ $last$ $mile$ $to$ $my$ $Treo$. $This$ $was$ $working$ $before$ $the$ $Exchange$ $upgrade$, $I$'$ve$ $tried$ $resetting$ $mailbox$ $on$ $treo$, $everything$ $I$ $can$ $think$ $of$.

    2) Can't surf OWA from work. I get the password / domain challenge, except instead of the exchange server's name it shows the name of my corporate gateway. Not a good sign. Authentication doesn't seem to work, it prompts me a few more times and craps out. Not really appropriate to this forum (I'll hunt around on the net), but good to know if you're thinking of upgrading.

    So for the cheapskates out there, who don't want to buy SnapperMail and don't want to pay $5/mo. for BCS, surfing web outlook on your Treo might be a good solution. Especially since SnapperMail doesn't sync with Exchange, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Enjoy$!
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    Forgot to add that surfing OWA from work was working just fine before the Exchange upgrade. It's possible the IT goons changed the proxy / gateway at the same time, but I doubt it. If I've learned anything in this economy, it's to keep your work email separate from your personal email. It was so nice to have OWA's plain interface up on my screen if my boss walked by, instead of the more incriminating Yahoo mail page.

    Do NOT install Exchange Server 2000 on Windows Server 2003. You would think that the latest stable release of ES would work on the latest stable release of Windows Server, but you would be wrong. I think it is incredibly stupid for MS to tie these products together in this way, but what do I know. Full nightmare upgrade story is at

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