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    Do I remember correctly that I somewhere read that the headset connector is located at the bottom of the 600?
    If so, isn't that really stupid?
    I know that most other cellphones has their headset plug at the bottom, but that doesn't make it less stupid having to carry the phone upside down in the pocket or with the plug sticking out in the bottom of it.
    My Tungsten W has the plug at the top, which IMO is the only way to go...

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    My vague memory tells me, from when I looked at the one at the Sprint show, that I saw a plug at the bottom that looked like a headset plug. Don't recall for certain tho...
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    I just saw a guy using one at Handspring's HQ...its on the side.
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    If the headset plug is on the side, what's the extra hole shown on the bottom of the T600 next to the connector for the sync/charge cable???
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    I was pretty excited to see the Handspring employee with the I must not have gotten a clear mental picture. He pulled out the earpiece before handing me the device.
    I'm wrong, its not on the side but on the bottom per the Treocentral story.
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    The reason that the headset is on the bottom, is now it is capable to make a car-dock for it, or many other things.
    -Michael Ducker
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    Seems like Handspring did half way again...

    It seems one step forward towards the ability to use Car hands free set, but a real weird one...

    It would have been much better to leave the headset on the side, while double wiring it to the main connector (as done in most phones).

    Other wise, as far as I can understand, it will be real hard to dock / release it, and no real indication yet that HS wired the Mic & Ant.

    And it's not like they don't have enough extra ports on the main connector to spare.
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    Horrible.... this idea of theirs...
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