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    Here's a question for anyone who's held a 600 - will it work with the current cradle, or was that $40 poorly invested? I know that the plug is the same, but I don't know if the slimmer model will stand up in it, or if it's thicker than the 300. The last thing I want to do is bend the pins on the sync plug.
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    I think I read they are compatible with the current cradles.
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    Not sure about the cradles--what I've read says that they will be compatible with the cables (sync/charge).
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    From what I read, all current cradles WILL work.

    Anybody at CeBit verify this?
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    a) it seems that the T600 is considerably thinner than the existing Treos.

    b) it seems that the connector is placed more forward on the T600, whereas the existing Treo connector was pretty close to flush with the back of the unit. Add to this that the back of the T600 seems a lot more "rounded".

    The T600 will be plug compatible with the existing Treo excessories, but the cradle will not be (without risking damage to either your cradle or your T600.

    That all being said, I wish that Handspring hadn't bothered. The Treo connector is pretty useless. If you have ever looked at a pinout, there ain't a lot goin' on down there. Just power and USB. You would think, especially with all of the available connector pins, that they would have used a couple for speaker and mic. That is why there ain't really a nice, integrated hands free car kit. You need to plut it into the non-standard 2.5mm jack.

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