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    I have reviewed several articles and posts about the new 600, but I am still unclear as to whether or not you will be able to play mp3 or wav files on the device? Actually it seems as if it won't come equipped to do this, but will be capable of handling such formats granted a third party develops the appropriate software.

    Does anyone have any definitive/additional info. on this?


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    The consensus seems to be mp3 playback is supported on the Treo 600, you will just need a 3rd party software application to utilize the feature. This may obviously change though as more information about the Treo 600 is learned.
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    This decision is puzzling to me. It's very much like including the camera, but no software to support it or the phone hardware, but no software to dial it. MP3s seem to be a core feature for number of users (spawning it's own dedicated devices after all). Seems like with the small form factor and a sizable SD card, I won't be needing to get an iPod anytime soon.

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