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    Is there a reason why the data rate on the GPRS is SOOO much lower than on the CDMA 1x version?

    I thought (in theory anyway) that GPRS was capable of the same speeds as CDMA. What gives? I'd love to get the GSM 600 but I just can't justify getting only 1/3 the speed. My Treo 300 has gotten 120K to 140K on several occassions.

    Also, the article mentioned GSM was quad-band. Does anyone know what bands? Is it an additional EurAsian band or the new funky 850 Mhz US band?
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    I beleive that the gsm carriers are only giving 1-2 channels for gprs. If they would open it up, you would see an increase in speed.

    I think it is the 850 for the carrier moving from tdma to gsm.
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    thx for the reply. If the carriers "gave up" more channels would the hardware on the radio support it automatically or is there a hardware limitation as well?

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