It has been noted in other threads the lack of a Infrared Port. I have not read anything to specifically confirm or deny that for sure, but I did notice something in the Michael and Marcus' thorough description of the 600 that made me think "HMMMMM???":

"The OMAP 310 has a built in LCD controller, USB Host and client functions, multiple serial ports.... "

Does this mean that there is the availability possibly for a hardware manufacturer to use a USB hotsync cable for connection to something like a keyboard or any other USB client device? (or, sanity forbid, maybe Targus will make a non-infrared Stowaway for this model like we asked of the 270 & 300).
Please forgive my lack of hardware/software creation knowledge if this is an obvious "NO".

Just a thought. I would welcome any input from those with the knowledge to either wonder the same thing or to unequivocally tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Thanks all for listening to my ramblings.