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    My Treo 270 broke again. Everytime I tried to turn on my Treo 270, the unit would shut itself off. I tried a soft reset, same problem. The SIM door was okay, nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the unit would shut itself off after several hours, sometimes within seconds.

    T Mobile took care of a brand new replacement. Unfortunately, I'm sick and tired of having Treo related problems.

    I have the BRAND NEW unit for sale, along with all the accessories for it.

    Go here

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    How much do you want for it? Do you know if a second hand owner can get the same replacement if it breaks? Would suck to buy it from you, have it break and not be able to get a replacement from tmo.

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    My patients has worn very thin on mine. I have had now 5 units. I have literally spent more time dealing with HS and sending units back than using the unit. I am serious.

    There is a lot of promise with the unit by they are too buggy.


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