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    Just browsing this forum, WOW thanks for the portal site, just what I have been looking for. A all in one portal for everything I need! Thanx TreoFever!
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    Awesome portal! Everything I could possibly need in one place! It is now my #1 bookmark in Blazer. Great work, Thanx!
    P.S. I like the interface and I think the logo should somehow include a busty naked woman! What do ya think? It's okay, you can use my idea! Just my way of giving back to society!
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    WHOA!! Check it out! It's a Canes reunion here!

    Also, don't for get pdaportal:
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    Glad to here you are finding it to be useful. Thank for the logo idea. Defintly not gonna happen though. = )
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    Great web portal. I have also added it to my Treo 650 favorites page. Thank you.
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    Check out the link page I created.

    go Noles!
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    UF is the Canes? Where have I been?
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    Hey treofever, exactly what I was looking for also...clean, neat all in one site. Thanks
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    Made some changes. its faster now.
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    Great App!! I too have added it to my favorites..thank you!
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    This is the sh*t sir,...Is now my homepage also.

    My only heartburn is that under sports nothing to about Duke Blue Devils Basketball.......
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    Thanks guys. The site can now be used without a stylus accurately.

    Logo ideas besides a busty blond and a blue devil?
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    What is the deal with the Apple coupons?

    Why does it go to another site?

    Are you a company, private individual, plan to sell site in future, etc?

    Terms of Use are interesting:

    "When you use or access the WebOnYourCell, we automatically receive and store certain information from your browser, including your IP address; your browser type; access date and time; the referring Web site address; the WebOnYourCell page you requested; and in the case of a search, the specific search terms requested. We use this information for purposes of security, to learn more about how the WebOnYourCell is used, and to improve the quality and usefulness of the WebOnYourCell. We do NOT link any of this information with PII, and we do not share this information with any outside companies."
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    Thanks for a great site.
    Two random thoughts.
    Maybe subscription/register sites could be seperated and or noted.
    I wonder what will happen in the years to come when all this data is collected in the various sites and then hacked out and used to the detriment of person the data was knowingly or un-knowingly collected from. Will the collector be liable? Will the due dilagence standard be to keep it totally secure?

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    The counter company stores that information for the statistics I get. I have to put that apple coupon crap on there to have the counter. I do not make any money when you click on it so donít bother.
    I am a JD/MBA student at UM. This is my first public web page. I would love to make enough money to cover my monthly cell phone bill. Currently I do not have any sponsors. I definitely want to keep advertising down because the whole point is that the site loads fast. If you know anyone interested or have any ideas please let me know.

    Thanks for the feedback
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    I haven't played much with WebOnYourCell - i've used before in terms of a good inventory of PDA sites - if yours has the same or more links than eBoogie I guess I'll switch over!
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    Here is a great web page that you can take parts of and out it on Web On Your Cell:
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    great site i am going to spread the word
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    We need to figure out how to make you successful enough so that you can pay the basketball players at your school. They need help.

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    gfunk i have always wanted to ask who is that girl in your avatar and where was she when I was at UM?
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