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    Verizon Wireless appears to have launched a new website for Wireless Sync
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    is anyone else having a problem on their Palm OS Treo and MySpace Mobile?

    the domain is
    it launched Monday and I was able to use it on a V3 RAZR on T-Mobile... but my Treo keeps jumping to the regular page, like my Mac does.
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    Finally, a real, mobile CNN News website. Works great and is fast.

    or just type into your Blazer browser and it will automatically detect a mobile device.
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    If you like reading...
    John D.
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    Wouldn't it be cool if you could go to a website on your mobile internet device and just show the cashier your phone to save some loot? Well the future is here in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley.

    Well respected local businesses are joining the craze at our brand new mobile text-code coupon site for Lehigh Valley PA that covers the (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Whitehall, Emmaus, Promenade shops and surrounding areas) fyi: (LV = Lehigh Valley not Vegas in these parts)

    If your a local, it's definitely worth a bookmark.
    If you manage or own a local business in that region, I would run not walk to get on the site before the competition does.
    There are instructions on the site how it works for those poor souls that have "un-smart phones" too

    Walking into a Chinese take out place, flashing the Treo 755p and saving 10% off my tab is truly a thing of beauty.

    The Lehigh Valley is a great place for a site like this because there are so many small independently owned businesses. There is obviously some corporate ownership in the region, but it's pretty limited compared to other cities where I have traveled.

    NYC has, however it's much more complex, and although successful - the layout is a little dizzying for my taste, kind of like a casino carpet.

    Like everyone else on this site,..I am anxiously awaiting to view Coupons4LV on my Pre when it becomes available.

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    Just to stay on topic without the any ads.

    I've just found the following website:

    Looks like a normal website but it has a HUGE database of streams. And most of them are working. Everytime i'm on the train i'm viewing the streams
  7. #287 does not work on the Palm Pre minus.
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