"It's called the Treo 600 and will be sold starting this fall by Sprint. I have tried it briefly, and can't evaluate it fully until I get a unit to test in depth. But at first glance, the Treo 600 seems likely to be the best-designed combo device on the market. Compared with the Treo 300, the new model is smaller and more phone-like, yet retains a full keyboard and has twice the battery life. The screen is brighter, the processor is faster and the new model has twice the memory of the old, plus a slot for expansion cards. There's a built-in camera and new navigation buttons for one-handed use. Stay tuned for a full review later in the year."


Just thoought you'd like to hear what the WSJ was saying...because I know you care.

Pay attention to his comment about that at first glance this seems to be the best out there so far.