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    Batten down the hatches, kids.
    Slashdot Treo 600 article

    Let's hope we weather the storm. The response from our geek brothers at /. seems similar to the ones here. Sadness over the screen resolution and cries for BT (though since that can be added later, I don't understand why that is such a problem).
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    I think I'll be taking a short vacation then.
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    Truth be told... that is the same Michael Ducker on slashdot as the writer here...

    more importantly my subscription came in great use. I had submitted an article earlier that night, but they chose this one instead - which had no links to an article with descriptive detail. So since I had the power of mysterious future (my $5 paid off) I emailed the onduty editor with this glaring obmission (you don't work so hard and not get reconized) .. Timothy like the link and posted it.

    Sadly do to a bug in slashcode, updates made in the mysterious future are not appearing on the front page, even though they are part of the article.

    the rest is history
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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