I'm quoted in the NY Times today, in a story about the hot dog stand in Madison Square Park. I got a free hot dog by answering the trivia question.

David Rollins, who works at Credit Suisse First Boston, got it right. "I actually saw a story on Channel 13 about the hot dog," he said happily.

Well, the rest of the story is that I had seen the question when I ordered my first dog, then used my Treo 300 to look up the answer and get a second dog for free. But I couldn't tell that to the NYT reporter, as I had not yet actually been handed my free hot dog.

I feel a little guilty, but better than the guy behind me who simply called his secretary for the answer. I had to use Google on a tiny screen, with no JavaScript. Since then I've gotten so many free hot dogs, I'm going to have to start wearing a disguise.

Just another great Treo story, along with all of the umpteen different times I've been saved from plane delays, rental car shortgages, horrible traffic jams, etc. When thunderstorms have closed the airport, the customer service lines are twenty deep, and even USAir's Dividend Preferred phone lines are tied up in voice mail hell, there's nothing quite like knowing exactly which plane will be the next one to leave -- and getting the last seat -- before the gate agents even make an announcement.