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    All these comments assume that an integrated cover has to be bulky like the T300. If it isn't part of the function of the unit, then why couldn't they add a Treo 90 type cover - so closely integrated into the faceplate of the unit that you really don't notice it's there - but gives great protection to screen and keyboard? And if it's removable, that would satisfy all you cover haters out there. For those of us who want the protection, we get stuck with bulky after-market attempts which destroy the entire form factor. Yuck!
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    I truly hate, hate flip covers, and my experience with the T300's lid validates their uselessness. To wit:

    [list=1][*]You have to open the phone just to be able to use it[*]The lid, itself, needs protection. The paint on the 300 is easily scratched off[*]It's an unnecessary moving part[*]During a call the speaker remains cocked at an angle to the ear[*]They (arguably) reduce the length of phones only by adding thickness[*]As Handspring points out in the NYT article, you're forced to wipe off three surfaces instead of one: the screen, the cover's inside, and its outside[*]Other than the alleged protection the cover offers, the added surface area is largely non-functional, and therefore superflous[/list=1]
    The Treo 90 is illustrates the above points perfectly (except #4, naturally). Besides, anything that's thin with a cover would be thinner without a cover.
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    Originally posted by nzmoko
    Personally, I'm glad the fliplid has gone.

    I have a 270 with no lid and a 180 with a lid.

    The 270 is much more ergonomic and easy to use. I have had no probs with screen scratches etc and have no case - literally throw it in my pocket.

    I now find the 180 cumbersome to use - the Treo has a great form until you open the lid - then it becomes 100% bigger!

    I would never go back to a clamshell design.

    I suppose, if people are worried about the screen of the 600, they should protect their investment by getting a case.
    This design calls for a belt holster, to allow easy access and to protect the screen. Something like the Leather Internation Case for the Treo.

    I would also like to see a belt clip holster like the one for the Kyocera 7135 where the screen is towards the body.

    How about a clip on flip with a window. It would be removable and also protect...
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