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    Originally posted by conflagrare

    And who/what is going to make sure the general community of palm programmers will do that?
    The same pressures that make programmers stick to any convention.

    Of course there are no guaranties, however it is to the benefit of any programmer to stick to that because it is actually easier to program that way and it gives you free compatibility with different devices.

    Some apps have to access the screen directly. Those will be designated as high-res apps, just like they do now.
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    The Treo screen is very much proprietory to HS. I doubt that when they decided on the 600 they had the cash to develop a totally new HiRes screen. An 'enhanced' 270 screen was the next best thing.

    Now that Palm are in the picture, I would expect a 600 II with a HiRes screen early next year to address this issue.

    You didn't hear it from me, ok...
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    Originally posted by conflagrare

    I hereby challenge you to imagine a device that lets you put it against your ear and see it and type on it at the same time.

    How about a Cyberdyne SenseWare CyberModem?

    Implant into the wetware (aka brain).

    Call me Neuromancer.... ;-)
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    Originally posted by njchris


    I don't usually like convergence in devices, but this is one that seems to work for me (the camera I can care less, it's just a gimmick since it's rez is VGA it wouldn't be good for printing 8x10 pics.. and the low pixel count will not be as detailed as my digital camera).

    Yes. Very true to all your comments.

    And, while I would find a camera useful in a PDA (ala a clie) for my work. I'd rather not have it in the phone. Seems like a toublesome point.
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    I always thought that it would be REALLY cool if an ear piece would be integrated into the phone so that you could pull it out when you need to. This could be wired or wireless (preferable, of course). The wired version would be pulled out, with a string similar to those at phone displays in stores (the one that holds the phone). It should lock in position until you give it a little pull to release it and put it back in the retracted position. The wireless version (using blue tooth) should be charged automatically, in its docked position in the device, when the phone is charged, so you don't have to do anything special to charge it.

    I think this would be a killer addition to any device, let alone a device like the Treo 600 which is almost complete!

    Of course there are technical difficulties with both solutions, but it's not totally far-fetched.
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    I think the deal breaker for me is that they went with an internal battery again. I know the press release said they would have an external battery pack, but the 300 battery pack STILL isn't out yet. Apparently they haven't learned an important lesson about cell phones, whether it has a PDA attached or not---you need to have removable batteries!
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