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    If they were available today, I'd get one. From what I've seen so far, they seem to have a much more mature device on their hands. I'm still kind of let down about the lack of the high-res screen, but because the device seems to have a much more tightly integrated feature set (voice memo-recording, for instance) and is a truly second-generation product, I have a positive outlook. It surely ups the stakes and while it is probably not perfect, the only other OS5 smartphone on the horizon is Samsung's and that is going to be quite a long time coming. That said, "fall" could quickly turn into "holiday season" and "spring" as the Treo 600's release date.
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    Make that two!
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    Dah! You two beat me posting on the fact that I want one NOW!

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    I am trying to have a positive attitude but the skeptic in me can't help but wonder if it will not be spring before we see a gsm version. Can't do sprint here (probably wouldn't if I could) poor coverage & service. Tmobile has been great especially with all u can eat internet (sweet) combined w/ 3000 mins @$49. But I don't expect them to be one of the first out of the gate with the 600, although I could be wrong. Come on TMobile! The more I see of the 600 the more I want one, would definately buy one today. My .02

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    I want one too! I'm not a patient person and I'm forced into being patient! Can I start a lawsuit for mental cruelty?

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