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    I had a Sprint DIgital Link module that I didn't care much for.

    I have a full version (non-demo) of Blazer on my Visor Prism.

    I now just use my HS Springboard Modem Module to dial-up connect to the internet.

    I now understand that Blazer was designed to run thru a proxy that reformatted pages. How do I access this proxy?

    Do I need to access it?

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    Crossposting automaticaly from VisorCetntral!

    What will they think of next? ;-)
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    The Blazer browser requires the Blazer Proxy Server, the computer(s) that does most of the data-reduction work ("heavy lifting" according to Handspring). As such, you will need to access it if using the current version of the Blazer browser - some document/software in your possession should tell you the appropriate IP address for that proxy server for your carrier.

    Note - the NEW Blazer browser to be delivered/available fo the TREO 600 (or more correctly, for Handspring's next communicatorS), will not use the proxy servers since the carriers apparently didn't want the hassle of dealing with them.

    And since the carriers didn't want the hassle of dealing with them, IMHO, that strongly implies the OLD/current Blazer browser will become unsupported and, when the proxy servers are turned off by the carriers, unusable.

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