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    Read at the bottom of Treo 600 page on Handspring website :

    "At that time, we plan to offer a special upgrade program for existing Treo owners. "

    Hope it's true...
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    Yes, but will it be of an amount worth it? A measly $50 for something I paid for less than a year ago won't make me upgrade.

    ANd why the h3ck didn't they put BLUETOOTH BUILT IN?!?!?

    I'm sick of headset''s wtih wires - they tangle in the car, they crimp and short - I must have bought 2 since my crappy one that came with the Treo stopped working.
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    IF as its been reported that Sprint will get 1st crack at offering the T600 .. it would seem to me that "only" (just a guess) T300 owners would be given the incentive .. to retain "loyal" Sprint customers.

    Then again (yes I'm gonna contradict myself) .. this is an excellent opportunity for Sprint to "steal away" business by accepting trade-ins for T270s and T180s??

    I just purchased my T300 in Feb03 .. I'm not gonna give it up for a $50 credit on a T600. It'll have to be a substantial discount offer ... if not .. I can wait until more carriers adopt the T600 .. then we'll see how the competition works out.
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    I made the big mistake of running right out to buy the
    Treo 300 when it first hit the market. Consequently, I paid the full $500.00. But within a few weeks, there were rebate offers plus trade-in credit on old devices. When the Treo 600 comes out, I decided I'll play it cool and wait. The big question is whether or not I'll be able to refrain myself.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see something in the $150 range. But that still wouldn't be a good deal for me. I bought mine (two of them) a few months ago and ended up getting them for around $250 each after all rebates and/or service credits took effect. Somehow, I also managed to do this without having to renew my contract (they gave me the option of paying an extra $10/month). So, I figure between what I can sell my used Treo 300's for on eBay and any new customer rebates that are offered this holiday season (which would no doubt require that I renew my contract, though), I'd do much better that way.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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