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    Have had my 90 for 33 days. Just as I got everything pretty much the way I wanted it, the dang thing goes kaput. The screen goes dark. Backlight is gone
    Customer support is great, if you like talking to auto messages. Went the web route and payed (ack payed!) for an advance repair. I tried to talk to somebody to try and get that waived but couldn't get a real person. oh well, hope the new one comes soon.
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    Welcome to the club! My Treo 90 just died on me today too. Just curious, what was the serial number on yours? I'm wondering if your Treo and mine might have been part of a bad

    I've just visited the Handspring site to do the
    "RMA Shuffle" and get an "advanced repair" to replace my unit.

    I'm almost hoping they'll have run out of Treo 90's and will send me a 600 as a replacement <snigger>, but all I really want is my beloved '90 to work!!
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    Well, only took them 2 days to deliver the new(reconditioned) one. I forgot what my serial number was but it was bought as a reconditioned.

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