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    I have been using Cingular GPRS with my Earthlink ISP service for retriving and sending emails from my Treo 270 with Eudora email program for many months with no problem at all. But, It suddenly does not allow me to send any email from Earthlink SMTP server for almost two weeks now, it keeps telling me --- address 1, error.---. Today, I download the SnapperMail the so called MBZ email program for Palm OS PDA, and it didn't help either.

    Please, if someone out there can help?? Thanks.
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    Try this
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    Hello, Felip,

    Thank you so so much. You are great, it works right after I changed the smtp server name from to

    Thank you again.
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    On A hidden-away documentation page for Cingular phones, I found the following addy for camera phones to send photos over the Cingular SMTP server:

    I've set this up, and it works quite well.. Just make sure to set your reply-to field as the account that you're pulling from, or folks will reply to your MyCingular acct.

    This will only work if you've already setup your My Wireless page.

    on the name page email addy, you need to use <username>
    SMTP Server:

    Good Luck!
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