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    The Handspring website was updated this evening to reflect the new pricing plans for AT&T in the U.S. for the Treo 270.
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    Look at the coverage and cost of the data plans.

    Might make you think twice...
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    Handspring released a PRPRPR-$fluff$ $this$ $morning$ $clarifying$ $the$ $AT$&$amp$;$T$ $TREO$ $270$ - $it$ $is$ $available$ $EXCLUSIVELY$ $via$ $Handspring$'$s$ $own$ $web$ $site$ - $AT$&$amp$;$T$ $iself$ $is$ $not$ $carrying$ $it$.

    That could explain the pricing - Handspring itself is subsidizing it, for example, or AT&T is not doing the heavy subsidizing they would do if they themselves were carrying and selling the phone.
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    It's possible that this new partnership with Handspring is the result of the upcoming merger with Palm. Palm has had a partnership with AT&T with their Tungsten W for quite some time now. Perhaps this is an experiment to try to gauge demand or even more likely a competitive accomodation to ofset T-Mobile and Cingular in the GSM arena.

    A word of caution to existing AT&T subscribers interested in biting onto Handspring's 270 offer. There is a catch. You are required to change plans to the existing AT&T local and national price points which are more expensive now than the great charter original offer that I have been on for 6 months. (Unlimited anytime/anywhere voice for $99/Mo) If your existing plan is a better value than what is now being offered, you are basically screwed by buying the 270 for $399 and having to switch to a plan presently being offered at a much higher price. After extensive review with 3 different Handspring reps, this was indeed verified. The internet site could not process my order unless I chose a new plan. Also, there is virtually NO coordination of information regarding this offering between Handspring and AT&T. I spoke with 3 different AT&T reps and none of them had even heard of Handspring. Better yet, their company internet access did not even allow them to access Handspring's site. Talk about a clueless lack of desire to promote and sell a new handheld option. It is almost like someone is trying to write the book for how to fail with a new hardware roll-out option. Amazing to me. I just picked up a brand new unlocked (Shrink wrapped in the factory box) Treo 180 on ebay in order to inexpensively tide me over until the 600 is released. Hopefully, the GSM 600 will be subsidized and available with AT&T. We shall see in good time I guess.

    Caveat Emptoir (SP?) ... Let the Buyer Beware!

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    ATT gsm/GPRS coverage is inferior to T-Mobile and service fees are on order of 2x

    ATT TDMA coverage is what everyone is used to - not much good to a Treo user
    enjoying life
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    Just wanted to say a few words about a previous users concerns about great charter plans ($99/mo for unlimited time, etc.) and upgrading to a Treo 270 via the Handspring website.

    In short: not to worry.

    You can sign up for anything, but if it is a cheaper plan, the computer doesn't change anything--it compares plans and leaves you with the better one.

    I had the same exact concern and did some checking around and confirming with various reps on both the Handspring and AT&T side--when I upgraded to a Treo 270, my charter plan of 1500 anytime/where minutes for $59.99 remained unchanged. Great news!

    That said, I *DO* agree with the assessment that this is an abysmal roll-out. The folks at AT&T knew nothing about it and every time I asked a simple question (what data plans are available?) the operator invariably had to "check with their supervisor." The data plans, as intimated earlier in the thread, are tremendously expensive especially when compared to unlimited data for $20 at Cingular.

    The Treo 600 will be available with AT&T service, but not at the initial roll-out with Sprint (their premiere partner, evidently).
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    I got this email from ATT's CS dept which handles corporate customers:

    "Since currently the only sales channel to acquire the Treo 270 is directly from Handspring, we do not have any control over the price of the equipment, even for the corporate accounts.

    However, AT&T Wireless will begin selling the Treo directly through some retail stores around late August/early September.

    We will not know until closer to that time if the Treo will be included as a device that xxx employees are able to receive a discount on. Please keep a watch on our website for the Treo 270 availablity.


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