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    eudora is better for me bc snappermail does not work with groupwise, my work account.

    I can't pop my groupwise account directly, so I have to forward my email to my home email account. snappermail would only pop the header, not the message text. eudora could pop the entire message, even if it was a forwarded message.

    eudora is free and has the option of filtering. snapper is not free and does not support filters.
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    More recent versions of GroupWise have POP3 access. For example, my firm uses GroupWise 5.5, which support POP3.

    If you are using a version of GroupWise that doesn't support POP3 (such as an older version), you may need to "delegate" e-mail messages to another account that you can access via POP3. You don't want to "forward" your e-mail from GroupWise, because doing so will cause the e-mail to appear as if its from you, rather the original sender. When you set up the Rule in GroupWise, simply choose as an action to "delegate" to the target e-mail address.

    I did this with my old BlackBerry, and it worked great for the most part. I don't need to do this anymore since I simply access my GroupWise account from my Treo using POP3.
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    lack of filters in Snappermail is a big pain, I must agree

    however, there is a setting in account settings (options/edit accounts/fetch) for how much of an email is downloaded. Experimenting with this could fix you issue of how much is downloaded

    Snapper does it for me because of the attachment support
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