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    Has anyone else had a problem where:

    - you take your treo 300 to an area with no Sprint service for a long period of time (anywhere from 15 mins to 3 hours)
    - you then come back into an area that should have service but...
    - your phone cannot find a signal?

    This happens to me every time my Treo goes out of service for any period of time greater than 15 minutes. Once I get back into a covered area turning wireless mode on and off does not help; the only way to get service back is to perform a soft reset. I know its a covered area because other people with Sprint get service there. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there any way to fix it?
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    just reposting to see if anyone has an answer! thanks....
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    Yes we know... and no, there are no known fixes besides a soft reset.
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    Thanks. If there are other posts about this problem can you direct me there? I can't seem to find when I do a search. Thanks again!
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    This is a common and well-known bug. It's been tabbed the "Red Blink of Death" (very ominous ) - do a search for that, or "RBOD".

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