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    I need extra memory in my Treo. I am driving a lot and use GPS with maps. But i do not want to bring my laptop with me to get the local map to my treo. Does anybody know if there is anything on the market that kan konekt my usb memorykey 128 mb memory to my treo?
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    That's a great idea for a developer, cause the hotsync/charge cable should be able to connect them. Maybe just a matter of a driver?
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    Yes that's a great idea but it doesn't look feasable :
    both USB key and Treo cable are Male USB connector.
    They are both "slave" devices, and some +5V must be provided to power the USB key.
    If the hardware doesn't allow this, no developper will be able to do it...
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    Next gen. will enable such devices to be both salves as well as masters, then we might connect them to Treo.

    See USB forum on mobile-USB or similar naming.

    Sorry !

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