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    Whenever Snappermail retrieves a forwarded e-mail (that is, a message that was forwarded to me), all it shows is the most recent sender and message. The messages earlier in the chain are not displayed, and there is no attachment. So, if someone forwards a e-mail to me without adding any comment, I have a sender and subject line, but an empty message body.

    This is a real problem for me, because my firm has an old Groupwise server that does not support POP3 access. I have to forward all incoming mail to an external POP3 account in order to access it from my Treo. I would like to bag Treomail for Snappermail, but I also need to read my mail.

    Am I missing something? Or is this an inherent problem with Snappermail?
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    Hi Lawcat,

    I'd like to take a look at the structure of these messages. Please create a diagnostic log of one of these messages and send it into our support line.


    Or better still, forward one of those messages to directly with a note in the subject line for the support team to leave the message for me to look at.

    Will Lau

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    You can circumvent this problem by having your GroupWise rule "delegate" the e-mail message to the other e-mail address, rather than "forward" it. When you "delegate" an e-mail message, it sends the e-mail message as is (not forwarded as an attachment) to the new e-mail address. This should preserve the From/To/Subject and Message info.
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    I never got snappermail and groupwise to work. I did the same thing you did, forward the emails and then the actual messages would not be included. My solution. Use eudora instead of snappermail.

    If I know I will be out of the office, I forward my groupwise mail to my sbcglobal account. I then used eudora to pop my sbcglobal account which gathered the entire message, not just the headers.

    good luck!

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