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    I downloaded the file from The files that are in Winzip are a Treo300SMS.prc, readme.txt and usage.html but these files aren't running anything. I tried to turn the .prc file into a .exe but that didn't work either. Any suggestions
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    You need to install the PRC on your palm. Of course you need to get HotSync before you do that.
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    ALso, I want to say after you intall the PRC (double click on it, if your running the Palm PIM) and then hotsync, that you need to lanch the TREO300sms (enable sms)program to active it, I think you have to do a soft reset and bam your done. then use the normal SMS program from then on. The info should be in the read me text, you can view that via windows with note pad. Good luck, Matt Burkhard

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