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    I understand how you feel about our customer service and just as you I am a customer too. I have been a customer since 2000, right after i graduated High School. Now that I am an employee, my customer service experience can only be done over the phone. And as you probably know our phone customer service may be more difficult thatn our retail store. When i had our Novatell PC card I was on the phone for 13 strait hours on my day off with no positive outcome, but never in that time did rant and rave to the tier II tech because I know how it is for them. As for having problems with the Treo, The slowness in finding the problem lies in the hands of both Sprint and Handspring as Handspring are the ones who release new software for the phone. I believe a new softawre comes out tommorrow. If it does i will ugrade my system and ugrade every Treo that come in because quite frankly I'm Tired of having to fail the Treo's. I hope this new sowftware will be some good news.
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    Do you think the new Firmware will fix the turbo drain problem. I just returned a 300 that I've been using for a year with NO PROBLEMS until the phone earpiece just died. I hotsynced everything over (backupbuddy) and all loaded fine. NOW the new phone has got turbo drain big time. Nothing has changed except the phone. It seems I have a new PRL since the replacement was initialized, but all else is the same. Any ideas?
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    Well, I got the "DHRP" handset. The screen is dim and green (I think this was a problem with the first gen Treos). So it looks like I'm going to be on my 8th!

    Heard back from Handspring. They want to see this Treo. I'll keep everyone posted.
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    Can you log into a different account and then say "I heard from a friend that works at Sprint that...."

    This way you'd be in the clear, and we'd be in the know.
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    Hey JoeGuru,

    Did you get a better DHRP handset, i.e. one with a bright screen?

    My Treo #1's speaker just died (*) and of the two replacements Sprint has offered me (one in-store and one via mail) both had dim, green screens. Unuseable IMO. Are all DHRPs like this?

    On a positive note, Sprint customer service at the store I went to was very helpful. And the DHRP Treo came in the mail the next day. Now if only the screen was any good...


    (*) It died after 2 months *sigh* at least my Treo 180 lasted 10 months, well Treo 180 #3 did ;-)
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    Originally posted by sprintpcstech
    It's true we are having some problems with the Treo 300. DHRP stand for Direct Handset Replacment Program. The phone does not fail DHRP in the Hp Diagnostic test. Due to regulations set by sprint we are not alowed to disclose exactly what part of the test the phone actually failed.

    Hope I was some help.
    That was no help. All that does is make it harder for us to accept when Sprint tells us nothing is wrong!

    What the Heck is going on???

    someone email me..
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