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    Alright Ladies and Gentleman here's the low down on Sprint (If you haven't figured this out yourself) Sprint is a massively bureaucratic organization and has absolutely NO upward communication.... It takes literally MONTHS to address issues and implement fixes... For example before they launched Ringers & More they knew customers would get 403 errors (during the testing phases) yet still proceeded to launch the service... The result was disastrous! Their call centers were flooded with angry customers... DUH!!! Vision is no different. Their beta testers addressed issues and Sprint Leadership still decided to launch the services. Tech Savvy users figured out how to use their vision devices as wireless modems and now Sprint is billing them @ 40 cents/ minute. They also changed their e-mail policy (SMTP Server issues users complain about) without telling anyone. Sprint did not even bother to notify their technical support personnel until AFTER the change was made. Sprint has good technology but their Customer Service absolutely stinks. Itís not the people manning the phone's fault itís the LEADERSHIP!!! For example, when Sprint launched the Treo 300 and Samsung i330 their technicians were not given training until 6 months AFTER the device had been on the market!!! Wow! And they (Sprint Leadership) wonder why customers are dissatisfied? On top of that Sprintís idea to improve Customer Service was to layoff many of the people manning the phones and those who stayed had their salaries cut so the result is a massive amount of disgruntled employees. Before you choose a wireless company, make sure you investigate the decision makers for that organization. There is a reason the other carriers did not dump all their eggs into the 3G market, the economy and market will not support it at this time. Sprint has a LOT to learn about Customer Service they need to check out Thrifty rent-a-car and Southwest Airlines and take some pages from their success.
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    They don't care.
    They're the low-priced provider and are going to spend as little as possible on tech support. My guess is unless the support is directly related to increased gets put pretty low on the priority list.

    As consumer we bring a lot of this on ourselves...we generally refuse to pay for quality...and flock to the place that is a few cents less.

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    First of all I was trained before the handsets came out and am always studying for when new things come out, and not a single retail store employee was laid off. As for the customer service i agree with you 100%

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