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    I've been using Treo Mail for about a year. I've been happy enough with it, but, before I plunk down $99 for another year, I'm curious if there are alternatives out there. I'm looking for something that duplicates these features of TreoMail (but perhaps does other things too)

    1) Access through Exchange server, not POP
    2) Inbox/Outbox/Sent Items/Trash synchronization with Exchange
    3) Desktop-based redirecter

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    Business Connection by sprint will work if you have a Treo 300 or Basejet (should) work as well, though it apparently is very buggy in its current release.
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    I found Business Connect to be cheaper and better than TreoMail for my Treo 300. I believe they share one drawback, in that you cannot read attachments. Right now, I'm running Business Connection and Basejet both. The latter allows you to open Word (and some other) attachments without any additional software. It is a little quirky.
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    BaseJet ( is on the verge of emerging from beta. It will be killer once they implement all the planned features. A new release slated for Monday should remove most of the bugs (in the 2.0 version). I've been using the 1.0 version since last August and love it.

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