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    man, i feel like i'm in a court of law or grade school one . . .
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    Oh for Pete's sake, craigdts!

    I quote YOU saying some sales guy told you Mossberg won't be getting HIS demo unit for TWO months, thus the intro date for the new communicator could be WAY off, and NOW you say the sales guy didn't say that at all but was instead saying YOU could get ==your== TREO 600 in a couple months!

    Ahem - there's QUITE a bit of difference between the two end recipients.

    Needless-to-say, anything I've posted about Mossberg et al based on that obvious...ahem...misunderstanding is retracted.
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    Well I certainly inclined to believe and trust the reports of craigdts and nrosser. I really don't see purpose of why they would mislead. Besides, I think Handspring would defintely have clarified the situation by now if the available info was incorect, especially once the news spread from treocentral to the mainstream media etc. For example, I recall that during the initial leaks of the Treo90, there was confusion on whether the device would have wireless capabilites. Handspring immediately contacted PIC to clarify that it didn't...

    Anyway, I do think (and hope) SeldomVisitor's assertion that the Treo600 is only in the prototype phase may be entirely possilbe as well. In fact, I truely hope so. Perhaps they leaked info regarding the new treo to garner user impressions of the device prior to finalization of the specs/design?...
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    > ...Perhaps they leaked info regarding the new treo to garner
    > user impressions of the device prior to finalization of the
    > specs/design?...

    Indeed, perhaps they did - there is nothing wrong with it being a prototype.

    Awhile back I mentioned that someone here who is really good at creating image mockups (I think that's who it was) mentioned something about more or less rounded corners on the device - it's just that type of feedback that helps finalize what was a prototype.
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    While you are talking about what might have been said about Mossberg in some other forum, I took advantage of his recent Thursday column on the Samsung I500, to ask about his preview of the Treo 600.

    Asked him when he would review the Treo 600, and about his thumbnail reference to 'Snapper' in the column. He gave a stark reply to the Treo 600 question and blew off discussing Snappermail's product. I have since installed Snappermail on my Treo 300 and found it to be excellent.

    Here's Mossberg's brief reply on an upcoming review of the Treo 600:

    I will cover the new Treo when I get one to review. I never do columns
    touting products in advance.
    Walt Mossberg
    Wall Street Journal
    Sent Wirelessly

    ...... Original Message .......
    On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 06:11:42 -0700

    I read w/ interest your latest to learn whether Samsung had made inroads on Treo's dominance of the convergence market. Personally, the absence of a QWERTY keyboard rendered the Samsung DOA for my purposes.

    Now, I don't want to preempt a future column of yours, but when do you intend to write about the expected release of the Treo 600?

    I understand it was viewed at your recent conference on new digital products in Carlsbad, CA, a beautiful destination for your gathering. But perhaps you signed an agreement curtailing your ability to disclose info about it.

    I also caught your brief reference to Snappermail. I use TreoMail: in part b/c it was the easiest email app to launch when I purchased the Treo. And in part b/c of your rec. But the inability to be able to view native email attachments has me looking at other 3rd party apps. What are the benefits to you that tip the scales in favor of Snappermail over Treomail?

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

    End of email

    That's all I got, and it wasn't much.
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    The unit I held at the show did NOT seem like a prototype. It seemed like a finished version. It looked ready to roll out the door.

    (and seldomvisitor, I will agree with this others that you typically present a very contrarian view on this board - which is certainly your right and totally fine - but which I think makes others want to react negatively to your posts, which can be percieved as negative in their own right - see your reply below to my very first two posts about the new device. One could infer that you were doubting the validity of my post about the 600. You were checking facts, sure, but it did seem to me like you were calling BS on my posts. I didn't respond, see my point).

    What Sprint user conference and where?

    All reports I've seen say Handspring dropped support of SD slots.

    How does an SD slot fit in with both and antenna and camera on the top of the phone?
    (end snip)
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