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    Hello, I'm a new "user". I bought my Treo180g a week ago. I have some questions about it, I hope that you can help me.
    1. how can I export my SMS list from Treo to PC? Can I syncronize it like contacts? I'll think that could be very usefull to have all SMS in outlook looks like EMAIL.

    2. How can I load my GSM phonebook to Treo phonebook? There is a fast way? I also have got the list in comma delimited file...

    Thank you for your help...and sorry for my english.

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    Welcome Killboy2000,

    1.To export SMS messages so you can actually read them on your PC, you will need to use an app such as maxTEXT . The messages will appear in your Palm Desktop as Memo files.

    2. If you already have your contacts as a comma-delimited file, simply import the file into Palm Desktop and then Hotsync.
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    Thank you for the help!


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