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    OK guys, here's the "behind the scenes" word from Sprint. According to one of the local data reps, the Dallas market is the highest-use data market on the Sprint network and it really caught them with their pants down. Another engineer told me that they are in the process of upgrading radios in the Dallas cell sites to try and fix the problems, but there are doubts in the Sprint engineering community, that the problems *can* be fixed--and they are expecting this issue to creep into other areas as data becomes more popular.

    In the past two months, 0x1102 (data not available) and 0x128 (failed login) errors have been steadily on the rise. This evening, there appears to have been a complete outage for about 3 hours. I'm now able to get logged back in if I try it a few times.

    Sprint's internal information reports a "slowdown" in the Dallas area, but doesn't go into detail. I don't think they really want to.

    So the problem appears to be bigger than Sprint is admitting publicly at present.
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    Here in Houston things are quite troublesome today. You seem to be implying that it's a big problem and bound to get worse. From what I've experienced this is par for the course, and in a day or so things will be back to normal. Of course I've not done the research you have, so perhaps you're right.
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    Man I'm right there with ya. All night long (Thurs), I've battled the no data available BS, and having success about 1 out of 10 times to log on to the data side.
    They need to get their s*** together.
    And I tend no not believe anything their people say. Unless it's a dude out at the cell site, I think the customer service people are useless and just have some canned responses that they toss to placate the person on the other of the call.
    grrr - I'm pissed and if it goes on tomorrow all day like it has tonight, I'm gonna be REALLY mad.
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    For whatever reason (and I can't imagine that the issue would be traffic based), starting from around 5pm to..whenever - the data side of things in the evening, here in Dallas, is always bad.
    Even last night at midnight, I was having major problems getting on the data side. All day - good. Now that it's happy hour - bad.
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    I wonder what Sprint considers as production hours. If they consider night-time as non-production, they might use the nights for testing themselves and have a smaller connection pool.
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    Sprint has always been terrible in N. Texas / Dallas. I have been complaining since I first converted to Sprint in 1998. Don't let them tell you it is a new PCS Vision data issue! They entered the Dallas market long after the other carriers, and did not spend the needed $ to buy tower coverage. They still have not.

    Yes, I am stupid not to have left long ago. And I will probably buy a Treo 600 as soon as it is released...

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