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    Just got my new Treo 90 yesterday. Used to be a Palm m515 user - it died and I refuse to give Palm any more of my money (had to get the Handspring before they became Palm). Anyway, DateBook + gives me a Fatal Alert (Data Mgr.c line 6317: Invalid UniqueID Passed) every time a reminder is supposed to appear. This requires a soft reset and obviously doesn't allow me to have it remind me again in a few minutes or acknowledge the reminder and have it go away.

    Anyone else ever get this and/or have suggestions on what to do?

    Thanks is advance - see ya,

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    I've never seen that message, and it does not sound good. Is it possible that you have somehow copied over a program or database from your old m515 that makes the Treo choke? The standard questions are:
    1. Did you try a reset? (Yes, you did.)
    2. Do you have any hacks installed? If so, try disabling them.

    Since you just got the Treo, it might not be so painful to try the extreme test of a hard reset that wipes out all your data. If there is a problem with a built-in program after that, you probably need to contact Handspring about a replacement.

    If the problem is from the m515, you can try a program like filecaddy to check out individual databases that can't be dealt with separately by the Palm OS. Rather than delete things, you can copy them to and SD card where the Palm OS can't see them.
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    I think this is what happened to me back when I got my Treo a year ago. I reinstalled the software and it was fine afterwards.
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    Thanks for the replies. A hard reset and selectively moving over files (freeware games, etc.) to the new PDA took care of it. I guess I'll never know what caused it unless I download something that makes Datebook go haywire again.

    I'm liking my Treo now (good small size, thought I liked grafitti but don't mis it at all). If I could just figure out how to clear reminders when they come up without opening the flip lid - life would be grand...

    See ya,


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