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    I love the treo's ability to view web pages with the lid closed 'and with one hand'. But almost all mobile websites neglect a 'back' link to take you to the previos page "including this site"

    Is there any way to go back with the lid closed or program a button.

    their is a menu option /b to go back, how can you program a button to act as that command
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    If you use AvantGo you can use the hard-buttons. It's a great feature and I wish it were widely implemented.
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    where can I download this program. and does anyone know how to quote a person comment on this discussion group "while using the treo"
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    If you're using the mobile version, then you cannot quote reply. If you're looking for AvantGo, try

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    PowerJog is a very useful app for the Treo. It modifies the use of the jog wheel, so that buttons can be selected, apps can be brought up, etc. VERY useful, and I use it when in Blazer to go 'back' with the flip lid closed. (it basically makes the jog wheel eliminate the use of MOST times you'd need to open the lid and tap the screen.)
    Run a search on PowerJog to get more scoop, and you can get it at PalmGear. It's a must-have, in my book.
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    thanks alot for all the Advice guy

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