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    Just a note about the runaround I have trying to get warrenty service on a 'used' treo 300.

    I bought a used treo 300 for $250.00 from someone on this board in Feb. 2003. The vibrate didn't work, and the touch screen only worked 1/2 the time.

    After talking to several people at sprint I finally got the answer - if the phone is less than 1 year old, it IS covered under warrenty, regardless of who owns it.

    I had the sprint rep add that to my account so when I go to the sprint store and they say "sorry but it's not covered since you are not the original owner" I will have proof.

    This info. is not in the owners manual.... the rep had to speak to a supervisor to get the difinative answer.

    Of course my dream is that sprint can't fix it, doesn't have any other treo 300's and gives me a treo 600 ! (wishful thinking)
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    That's very good to know. I would bet they'd give you an i330 instead of a Treo 600.

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    The information is in the back of the owners manual but says nothing about multiple owners. The device has a one year manufaturer limited warranty that is non-transferable. And we don't carry the 600
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    Well, the warrenty may say non transferrable, but after talking to several customer service reps, and a couple managers at sprint they agreed to replace the phone even though I am the 2nd owner.

    Just got the replacement today. It looks brand new.
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    thats good, glad to hear you were taken care of.

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