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    Hello All
    Got my Treo 300 today and so far I love it! However, is there a way to go to the PDA part of the phone without having to use the 2 - blue button press? For example can I "map" a button to go to my 'main' folder from the phone screen? It seems a little cumbersome to have to press 2 buttons each time I have to see my apps...Thanks
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    Just for future reference, please DO A SEARCH before asking a question b/c more than likely it has already been discussed to death on these forums, especially for a product out as long as the Treo300.

    Anyway to answer your question: goto system>prefs>buttons. Here you can change the default setting for the four command buttons. Set one of them to "Applications" and you will be sent to the main launcher every time you press that button...
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    Ahhh.....thank you. Please accept my apologies . :-)
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