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    I can"t get the ear bud for my hands free cable to stay in my ear. It always falls out or just dangles!!
    I have tried Jabra Ear Jells, but they dont seem to work. I have purchased and returned several brands of hands free cables with the "ear hanger" When I went to use them the people I called just got a loud whining noise rather than my voice.
    Has anyone found a modestly priced (under $50.) solution to hands free operation of the Treo 300. It is a great versatile piece of equipment which has become an important part of my life, but I cant seem to find a good hands free solution!!!
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    ok, actually i just picked this one up earlier today. I went to wal-mart and found an over the ear type with an adjustable boom mic. it was only 9.50 or something and it works great. itfits nicely and comfortably and gives crystal clear sound. I even held two 30 minute conversations with it with no problems. I generally route the cord through my shirt and put the treo in my pants pocket to give a wireless appearance. get the one designed for the nokia 8300 and 8800

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