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    I have been waiting a long time for this ...

    On this new plan can I also buy a pcmcia card for my notebook and access gprs too ?
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    LOL! Yes, I should have clarified by saying Central Florida!
    I don't have much luck here with GSM around Daytona. I mean, there's "coverage", but not at my house. My friend and I were in Orlando and his GSM was fine and so was my SprintPCS of course.

    I still have a GSM device and every month or so I turn it on at the house to see if they've improved what they said they were going to. The signal strength at the house has remained the same since last November; i.e. climb to the roof at night and you can make a call. I was kinda excited about the AT&T roaming agreement or something from a few weeks ago, because I know there is an AT&T GSM tower which is closer to me than T-Mobile.

    Part of it is probably the device. I have a sidekick. It's reception is very peaky. Driving along the interstate you can watch the signal bars go up and down as you pass from tower to tower.

    My SprintPCS is poor at the house too. As with T-Mobile, I complain to Sprint about that. Will things change, nope.
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    Thanks potatoho for the info! Other than the occasionaly dead spot, I've found Sprint's coverage to be excellent so far. IF I can get anything similar w/gsm then I may seriously consider dropping sprint for teh SGh+Tmo. But 1st, I gotta wait to see the Treo600...
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    CDMA = USonly unless you travel to asia

    Treo 270 - 2 way sms Treo 300 one way sms - gee that sounds valuble
    enjoying life
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    Great mail gfunkmagic

    note gsm -used by 80% of globe better technology if on road abroad

    Also blazer browser does compression so perceived speed is higher than one might expect
    enjoying life
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    Originally posted by Scott R
    I was wondering the same thing. Granted, I just posted this about 20 minutes ago, but if something this big hit the Treo 300 forum, there'd be a ton of responses by now. I
    Well, here's why I yawn.

    First, when I had a damaged Treo, it was replaced by T-Mobile without my knowledge with a GPRS model. So I'm enabled. Somewhat against my will..

    Second, with the high priced plans around at the outset, a lot of people like me developed other solutions. I use Budget Dialup--a service that is perfect for this use. You buy time in advance. Use what you use, no monthly fees.

    Third, and related, I have no interest in spending tons of time browsing the net on my tiny PDA. I have fast computers with large screens at home and at work, and I'm tied to them most days and most of each day and night.

    PDA browsing is for those occasions when I'm travelling and want to pick up my email. Not much else. Even if I wanted to do much more on that tiny screen, for the rare times I would use it, I wouldn't jump for joy over being commited to another monthly fee, whether $20 or $40.

    So, I yawn. That's why. And never had any interest in the 300 either. And hate Sprint.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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