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    I'm on AT&T's GSM network with my Treo 270 -- and my "voicemail waiting icon" never appears, so when I check my voicemail I often discover messages waiting. I started to keep an eye on my Call History list (to save the time it takes to call the voicemail number) but the incoming calls that go to voicemail don't appear there either... anyone else having similar issues??? aaack.
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    its a pain it happens like that on some networks in the UK its the way At & T does it like mine O2 does not show the voicemail icon either but has options in the voicemail menu 2 b alerted of a voicemail either buy auto calling me and telling me i have a voicemail or by SMS all i can suggest is check your voicemail menu 4 options and if no luck talk 2 At&T
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    Thanks for the input... An SMS msg regarding voicemail waiting would be really nice to have! <sigh> I checked the AT&T Wireless forum for hints, but my voicemail setup doesn't offer a configuration option for SMS notification of voicemail.

    I talked to AT&T and they tried to help, even reset my voicemail. When I called to let them know it didn't fix the problem, they gave me the old "we don't support that device" line and told me to call Handspring. Well, it's not a hardware issue as far as I can tell, so... I'm just going to wait until AT&T rolls out their new/improved voicemail system this summer (June or July 2003) and hope that makes a difference.

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    good luck hope it gets fixed

    let me know
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    I don't know if AT&T has rolled out their new voicemail upgrade yet, but... my Treo270 developed a screen glitch, and Handspring kindly replaced it under warranty... and wouldn't you know it, I switched over my SIM card and voila! the new unit gives me SMS messages saying I have voicemail waiting...!

    I would still like to have a message waiting icon, but I can live with this.

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    its better than nothing have added u 2 my buddy list on here and yahoo

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