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    My PC is behind a router and I have McAfee Firewall on my desktop.

    I tried downloading win-hand and the free software will not work if I have a router. I disconnected the router and connected my pc to my cable modem and Win-hand works fine.

    1) Is there anyway to make the win-hand work behind my router. There is no trial version of the win-hand professional/corporate version which is supposed to work behind firewalls and routers.

    Another basic question:

    My corp uses IPSec for VPN and I believe Mergic will work only with PPTP VPN.

    2) Is there a PPTP VPN Server available that runs on XP home edition. Can I run this server on my PC and then use Mergic to connect to my desktop OR does Win XP home edition comes with a PPTP VPN server.

    3) Remote/Wireless HotSync : How does this work. I saw a post here about opening some PORT numbers and I am unable to open my ports in the McAfee firewall.


    Does anyone here use Win XP home edition with a firewall sitting behind a router. With this setup, how can I

    a) Remotely access my desktop
    b) Remote hotsync
    c) Securely access my desktop (VPN). What VPN server to use.

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    Xp pro has a vpn server
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    The VPN server, hotsync manager and Win-Hand (non-corporate) servers all listen on a certain port (different for each of course) for incoming requests from your Treo.

    If you don't have the right ports open on the router and firewall, the server apps will not receive the requests. Neither VPN, wireless hotsync nor Win-Hand basic will work.
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    you have to edit the setting of your firewalls to allow access on the port the program are trying to gain access on.

    your firewall program should have a log to see all drop packets. look at the destination port, then edit you settings

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