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    I use jshopper extensively.

    Can I set a preference at the store so when I open the flip the phone mode does not default? In other words jshopper will be the default application.

    The problem is walking around the market with the flip open poses a risk of dropping my Treo.

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    There's an app called buttons-t that once installed will show up in the preferences menu. Select that and you get an extended buttons preference screen, including phone-flip. I select "none" which tells the treo to resume the last app (that is, it just turns on the pda, equivalent to tapping the power button).

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    This is another option:

    If you launch your shopper software, and then close the cover, the treo shuts off. Then click on the power button, (leaving the cover closed), and your shopper software appears back on the screen. With the cover still closed, you should be able to use your rocker switches to scroll up and down the screen.

    Another option, if you must flip the lid, is to tap the power button, which will bring up the last application you had on the screen, and THEN flip the lid open. The treo will stay with that application.

    As you noticed, if you flip open the treo when it's off, it goes back to the default app, which is the speed dial page. As the previous poster mentioned, Buttons T allows you to change the default app when you flip open the lid.

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    I think Buttons-T was written by a Treo developer from the Treo team, which is pretty neat. There's another app that does a bit more than Buttons-T. I use this other app, it's called TreoButton, and can be found on PalmGear at:

    Both are great apps, but TreoButton allows you to option-button or shift-button the four application buttons to give you a total of 12 settable applications. It also overrides the open-flip and jog-push functions.

    It's also free!
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    Thank you everyone for the replies! I am not familiar with the term "jog push"

    What does that mean?

    Thank You,
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    When you push the jog button (on the side of your treo) into the treo, it activates an application. You can change which application it launches within buttons-T and other third party software.

    You should be "jog pushing" regularly for selecting speed dial buttons and selecting links on web pages. It's like hitting the return key or tapping the screen.

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    Cluemister's right. Pushing in the jog dial will only start an application if the Treo is turned off (black screen, flip can be open or closed). If the Treo is turned on, it will act as it usually would under the application (in some cases, it has no function at all).

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