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    One disappointment with my Treo 270 is that when in the holster you can't hear it enough. So, I modified the free holster and glued a new hinge on the back so that it will cling tight to the body. Why? So that I can feel the vibration. Otherwise, I will miss the call.

    I hope they have done a major improvement on the Treo 600 and to the upcoming GSM version.
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    since the 600 shown has 2 speakers, one on each side, i would think they are planning for it to be at least as loud as the 300, which i think is pretty loud with the right ringtones but could always be louder... i just hope they use the same format of ringtones or i'm gonna have to learn to make them all over again.
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    I would like to the volume a little louder. but what i am really hoping that they have done is improved the silent alarm it is too soft on the 300.
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    how about polyphonic ringtones? Anyone know if it will have them?
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    Based on what Ive seen from the Treo 600 simulator, you can just download a MIDI file (foo.mid) and it will automatally download te file and save it into the onbard ringtones manger. Depending on the carrier, like Sprint for example, it will also download using that carriers .gcd format which is used as a file identifyer for the rest of its phone line-up. And yes the ringers can be polyphonic, up to 16 tones I think.
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