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    I saw this over at and thought it was very helpful. Anyone else thinking of buying this thing?
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    I would love to buy one of these things, but his description of his experience (which lives up to my expectations), makes me take a pass.

    First, it sounds as though his GPS assistant actually caused a 15 minute trip take about 30 minutes. Second, the amount of driver distraction is just not acceptable. I live in California where they have introduced legislation to ban hand-held cell phone use (A measure I fully support). I never use my phone in the car without a headset because it only takes a small distraction to lead to a crash (I have first-hand experience with this).

    I use the DA app which interfaces with mapquest to give me turn by turn directions. It works great and only adds a few seconds to the beginning of my journey.

    For a GPS to be really useful, it needs to be voice-activated and auto-route. I don't believe we'll see a unit like tis for a Treo for quite some time (if ever).

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